X-TRY Glasses

with camera


13,990 rub.


Only one LED light and two buttons! You will never forget how to operate your X-TRY glasses!

Brilliant video and photo quality!

Eventhough X-TRY glasses are small in side and weight, they are packed with great electronics, which can provide High Definition video.

очки с камерой x-try

Memory card support

Unlike most our competitives, X-TRY glasses support microSD cards up to 32gb, where you can keep all your needed photos and videos.

Wireless control

Built in Wi-Fi will help when you in the need of transfering your recorded media to Apple and Android mobile devices.

Stylish design

One beautiful model and size, which was designed to fit all people’s heads with style

Technological Lenses


X-TRY glasses come with polarized lenses, which help to remove glare from bright surfaces


Описание технологии x-try очков


  • Сенсор 5Мп
  • Full HD 1920x1080P@30fps, MOV
  • HD 1280x720P@60fps, MOV
  • Фото – 12Мп, JPEG
  • Встроенный микрофон
  • Поддержка MicroSDHC до 32Гб
  • USB 2.0
  • Встроенный аккумулятор 3.6V 630mAh

Стандартная комплектация:

  • XTG300
  • Кейс для хранения и транспортировки
  • Микрофибра
  • Кабель USB
  • Зарядное устройство
  • Карта памяти (опционально)

X-TRY glasses